Monday, December 5, 2011

No More Rack

No More Rack  is a great discount site where they have daily deals of many brand name items for sale at a fraction of the cost.  They also have something called daily Insanity Deals.  I was thisclose to getting the Ipad 2 for only $43.  The catch with the Insanity Deal is they only offer one at a time and it goes to the first one to click on it. I also just missed out on a  GPS and an Ipod Touch in the past few days, so they do post the insanity deals often enough for me to see that many.  They also have a free deal and a charity deal each day.  I got Kara nail decals worth $10 for FREE with only $2 shipping.    Its worth a look, and it is free to  sign up.   Check out No More Rack here, so you can get the great deals too.

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