Monday, December 26, 2011

Cold Crab Dip

I had to stop the family from eating this so I could take a picture. 

I made cold creamy crab dip that my family liked so much, I thought I would share it here.   It would be good to serve for guests this weekend and for next weekend's New Years Eve parties.  

To make this dip you only need a handful of ingredients:
a 8 oz block of cream cheese
about a cup of  sour cream
dried minced onion (or real onion if you prefer)
a package of crab or imitation crab.  (I used Louis Kemp from the seafood section, that I bought on sale from Meijer recently)

I opened the package of crab in a mixing bowl and cut the large pieces into much smaller pieces
I added about a half container of sour cream.  I did not measure it, just eyeballed it. 
I cut up the cream cheese into cubes and added it to the bowl.
I sprinkled in some onion.  I did not measure, again just added 3 or 4 shakes.
Stir the mixture together
I then added the mixture to my blender.  I have a bullet which is not that big, so I could not blend it all at once.
Place in a serving bowl and serve with your favorite bread or crackers. We ate it on a loaf of Italian bread. 

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