Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Gingerbread House Day!

I just read that today December 12 is National Gingerbread House Day.   I am not really sure why it is Gingerbread House Day, but we should celebrate it none the less.  

Due to our busy Monday schedule, we wont be able to make our gingerbread village today.  We found this on sale for only $8 this week at Target.  We chose to make a village, so we can put them out for the birds after Christmas. It will also be fun for each person to have their own house instead of the kids fighting over how to decorate one bigger house. 

If have lots of time and want to try and make your own gingerbread house,  I went to the queen of crafts.  Martha has many recipes and house templates such as the one pictured above.  

                                                My First Gingerbread House 

Or if you are like me, and would prefer a childrens version, has a step by step childrens version called My First Gingerbread House.  

However you make your gingerbread,  making a gingerbread house can be a fun activity for all. 

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