Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Lights 3 Ways

I have  been starting to play with my new toy this weekend. I still have a lot of features to figure out, but I am having fun so far.  We decorated the tree last night.   My special Christmas tree  came pre lit with white lights.  While they are very pretty, I have never been a purely white light girl.  

This picture is a little out of focus, but still shows what I did.  I added a strand of colored lights to the tree.    So when I feel like just colored lights, all I have to do is plug in this strand and leave the white one unplugged. 
Everyone agrees that we love the look of both the white lights and the colored lights together the best.  I like that we have the options to go white, color or both depending on the mood. 

I will post a picture once it is totally finished.  I think this is our prettiest Christmas tree yet!

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  1. I have always added several strands of colored to my tree that is prelit with white lights and love it that way.

    I love the white lights but husband says that it is not a Christmas tree unless it has colored lights. My angel tree has just white lights and that one he never complains about though.

    Your tree is very pretty all three ways.



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