Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Minute Deals

I had to go out today to run a couple of errands. I had a $10 in Kohls cash that expired today. I also needed more pop sticks and eyeballs for 35 more reindeer pops I need to make for Tuesday. I went to JoAnns since they had some excellent coupons in today's paper.  I was a bit bummed there were totally out of ediable eyeballs and the pop sticks in the size that I need, but I did find a few other great deals. 

The 2 packs of socks were 70% off.  I love this type of socks.  Regularly $7.99, only $2.39 this week for 2 pair.. Great deal!! 

Wilton melts are 30% off. Each bag is $2.09

Wilton Christmas items were 40% off.. I got the cello bags for .89 and 75 ct  Santa cups for $1.79. 

While standing in line I saw some red poms and since I found out last night I needed, some I picked them up. They were $1, and I used the 40% off coupon, making them .60 (they were the only item not on sale)

I spent only $12.72 and saved $16.70

Kohls was a zoo, but it was well worth it.  

Baking Santa was 70% off already.   Reg. price $43.99, on sale $13.19.   I used a 15% off coupon for an an additonal $1.98 off.   Final price $11.11

The mens sleep pants were reg price $30.00, on sale for $9.99.  I used my $10 Kohls cash and got them for FREE! 

The tool set was also on sale for 60% off.  Reg price $30, now on sale for $13.50.  The 15% off coupon took off another $2.03, final price $11.47. 

I spent only $ 24.03, used $14.01 in Kohls cash and coupons and saved $77.32!  It was well worth standing in line for 10-15 minutes for that kind of savings. 

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