Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini Gingerbread Kit Review


We decided to try and construct out mini village today so we can decorate them tomorrow.  

We excitedly opened the box and found the little houses, frosting and some candy.

Once we started opening things up we found the candy canes and two parts of the chalet (elf house) broken, but the rest was in good shape. 

The instructions on the back of the box were horrible, and very hard to follow.  We kind of figured it out on our own,

and followed the pictures on the front of the box.
They came together rather easily, and quickly. Even the broken chalet in the front was easy to put together.  There is so much white frosting on the front  of it, because that is where it was cracked in half.   The entire village  will all look a lot cuter tomorrow covered in candy and frosting.   One thing I really like about this kit is the frosting is in a tube with a tip and a lid to keep it from drying out.  If you see this soon enough,  these kits are sold at Target and through today 50% off.     

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