Friday, December 30, 2011

It always seems to take more time...

I had what I thought was a pretty reasonable to do list today and enough time to do it.   Seems that was not the case. 

Meet friends and their kids for the 10:50 showing of Muppets
Stop at library to pick up 2 things
Go to Staples and buy ink (use $16 in Staples rewards)
Go to the bank
Stop at the dollar store for last minute New Year Eve stuff for blog
Go to Meijer 
Work on a project for the blog

This is how my day ended up going..

The Muppets Poster

We did go to the Muppets and absolutely loved it.   I met up with a bunch of my friends from womens group. One of those friends also has 3 kids. Her oldest daughter is really good friends with my youngest daughter. She has also 6 yr old (as of today) twins.  Two of my kids went, the third decided this  morning she did not want to get up to go to a late morning movie.  We left the theater around 1. 

I did stop at Staples to pick up ink because it was right next to the theater.  My really quick stop lasted about 10 minutes longer than planned because there was a really long line and only 2 registers open, both who seemed to be taking care of returns or something to that effect. 

We did stop at the library, also near the theater and Staples.   The two things we were hoping to get were a copy of the To Kill a Mockingbird movie that my oldest needs for a project, and  Cabin Fever the newest Diary of  Wimpy Kid book.  My middle child needs to read an AR book over break since he was sick the last few days school was in session.  The library took much longer than planned.  According to the computer, the library had 2 copies of the movie.  One was checked out and due back today. (12/29)  The other copy  was M.I.A.  A nice girl who worked there tried to help me find it and she couldnt find it either.   I had to put a hold on the movie, so I can hopefully pick it up tomorrow if it came back on time.  My son was upset because every single copy of Cabin Fever is checked out and have holds on them, so no book for him.  We left the library empty handed about 30 minutes after arriving. 

I decided to skip going to the Dollar Tree.

Its now about 2 pm and the kids (2 of mine,  plus my friends oldest daughter) tell me they are starving and they need to eat now. Since Taco Bell is nearby, I decide to pick up the $10 12 pack of tacos.   I ended up accidently turning the wrong way out of the library and spend several minutes turning around and going the right way in what seems like traffic right before Christmas (very busy!)

I decide to skip going to the bank. 

 My friends daughter informs me that she is capable of eatting 5 tacos.  I tell her that since 5 of us are eatting, she could have 2 and maybe a part of one of the extras.   Once we get home and start eatting, the girls lose interest after only 1 taco each and disappear upstairs.    It is now going on 3. 

I spend the next 2 hours checking email, helping my teen with some of her online work she is doing for  a couple of classes and basically get very little done that I need to get done. It is now about 5.

I hit my gift closet for a couple of gifts I want to wrap for the twins.  I also start matching coupons to my grocery list for our trip to Meijer.   We leave for my friends house around 6 to take her daughter home and to give presents to the twins. 

The plan is to stay 15-20 minutes, give the twins their gifts, and then head to the store.  That is not what actualy happpened.    As soon as we arrive, Kara and her friend disappear in Ks bedroom.  My friend offers me pizza they had picked up for dinner, and we end up talking for an hour.   The twins open their presents, and I tell Kara only 10 more minutes.  10 minutes turn into another hour. 

We finally arrive at Meijer at 8:15. Kara is complaining about her ankle really hurting and asks if we can come back tomorrow.  I tell her no, because it is going to be a madhouse tomorrrow with people getting ready for NYE.   Shopping after 8 ended up being nice because it was not that crowded at all tonight.  Kara ended up climbing into the cart because  she was begging, and I was too tired to deal with her whining about her ankle hurting. (that was caused when she fought with her brother over the couch)   She is WAY TOO BIG, but sometimes you just do what you go to do to get things done.  I informed her that she would be covered in groceries if she didn't walk.  Even though I had a medium size list and the crowd was tolerable, it still seemed to take me over an hour to get my groceries.  It didn't help that half the cart was taken up by kid.   We check out about 9:45 and get home a little bit before 10.   After unloading, scanning my groceries for NCP and putting them away, I decide to skip making the project I had planned for my blog.  I get on the computer at 11 pm, with only half of my days list complete.

Tomorrow is another day.  I do have another to do list.  Hopefully I will make it to Target, the bank, the Dollar Tree and the pet store.   We will see if it actually gets completed!

(I posted pics, but for some reason they are not showing up right now.)

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