Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need to Smell the Roses

I took this picture of Kara this afternoon smelling the roses.    Today we went  and spent a 2nd afternoon at the Art Fair.  Because we had pretty much seen all the artwork yesterday, we just leisurely walked around and enjoyed things that we missed.  

Yesterday we stopped at a cermaic booth, where they  made these really cute animal  tiles with thumbprints.  We can now take it into their store, and get it fired and glazed for free.  I love how it turned out and might try to use this technique in a future project.  We were going to get her face painted at that time, but there were several people in line. We thought we would walk around the fair a bit,  and  then come back to get it done.   That plan did not work out too well.  When we came back, the face painting was done for the day and it was starting to rain.   We decided that we would come back todat after church, because she was really looking foward to having her face done.    Another disappointment from Saturday, the outdoor showing of Tangled we had planned to see that night was rained out.

Today we were able to get her face painted with very little wait.  Being the cat lover that she is, she chose a cat themed face. 

While enjoying the artwork, we also enjoyed a strawberry sno-cone.. Yum!

I was hoping that the bubbles would be visable in the picture.    Today was such a relaxing, slow paced day where we did enjoy just smelling the roses. 

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