Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angry Bird Marshmallow Pops

Tonight we made Angry Bird Marshmallow Pops with giant marshmallows, colored candy melts and dollar store candy.   While they are not perfect, they still taste great!

I used the items in the pictures above to make the different  parts of the birds. 

The first thing I did was use the Wilton sprinkle set with white circles, and the black edible marker to make the eyes.   I made them all ahead of time, so they would be ready when I needed them. 

The first bird I made was the red bird.   The very first one I covered totally in red and he ended up looking like an angry elmo.   I quickly realized I forgot to leave the white belly, and my second bird turned out much better. 

For the beaks, I decided to go with a 3D affect. (plus I didnt have the yellow Wilton triangle sprinkles)   I used the orange slices in the Sunkist sour fruit gummies.  The candy was not easy to push into the marshmellow, so I used my food shears and made a small slit.  When I put the whole piece in, the beak was too long  I found it worked the best when I used  2/3 of  a slice. 

After the beak was in place, I inserted the  stick.  I wish I had the bigger sticks today since I used giant marshmellows, but I only had the skinny sticks on hand. They still worked, but the marshmellows are leaning a bit.   For all of the pops, I place the stick in so that the flat service of the marshmellow faced forward.

I then used the 30 second melting method on some red candy melts.  I used a knife to spread the candy evenly on the marshmellow, instead of dipping it in. 

The eyebrows are small sliced  pieces of grapevine.  I know the real brows are black, but our entire family hates black licorice.  The purple was close to the color, and tastes MUCH BETTER.

The feathers on top of his head, is  made a cherry from the Sunkist regular gummy fruits.  I cut it with my food shears to get the right shape. 

The next marshmellow pop I made was the yellow bird. 

I have never seen triangle shaped marshmellows.  I thought about using the shears to cut the sides down, but it was too sticky.  Instead I tried to  get the general triangle shape by pinching the marshmellow. It sort of worked.  I didn't really stress about it, because I knew my kids would love it even if it was techncially not a triangle.   

Since yellow birds eyebrows are light brown,  I decided to cut an orange Good & Fruity  in half. 

His black (purple) feathers are a small piece of grapevine with 3 cuts to mimic his black feathers.  I also used a piece for black tail feathers. 

I made the triple blue birds next.  Since they are smaller than the rest of the birds,  I used regular sized mashmellows.   Because they are smaller and have smaller beaks,  I used an orange Good & Fruity.  
Sorry this picture is so blurry. I really need to get a better camera.   I did not have blue candy to use as their feathers, so I decided to use a knife to shape the candy  on the  top of their heads.   This method wasn't perfect, but gave the impression of feathers. 

The green pig king was the next.  I inserted the stick  of the pigs so that the marshmellow was more wide than tall. You can gently shape it with your hands to get the oval shape.  
I used a Sunkist sour apple gummy fruit for his nose.  I made sure to place the eyes on the sides of the nose, instead of on top of nose like with the birds.  The crown also was  a Sunkist sour gummy with small triangles cut out.  For the ears I used green jujubes turned on their side.  Dip the jujubees and candy crown in a little bit of melted chocolate to get them to stick on the top of the marshmellow.  

By the time I got to the white egg bird,  I was getting pretty tired.  I had white candy melts to cover the marshmellow, but decided since it was already white to leave it plain.  I did  melt just a tiny bit to use as "candy glue'.  I used the white melted chocolate to add his eyes, brows and feathers.  He had them both on the top of his head and for a tail. 

After we were done, we did have some fun with the pops.  WATCH OUT pig, you have some angry birds that want to get you!


  1. These are the cutest things I ever did see! You are not only crafty, you're clever too! So talented.

    I am not very artist, but I sure appreciate people who are. I have to show this to my sister who is also addicted to angry birds!

    New follower from the Friday hop, so glad I stopped by!

    Stacey @

  2. Love them. I think i need to make them for my husbands birthday!

  3. Those are so fun, my boys would love them, of course I found my husband playing Angry Birds last night so he'd probably love them too

  4. My son loves them, I just shared these with him. Thank you for linking up at Bacon Time. I really appreciate your creaive recipes.

  5. omg! i don't play this game, but one of my sis does... she is going to die when i show her your link! love it!

    cute & creative. good job!

  6. This is really SO awesome! I love angry bird and am in love with these! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again today with more great projects!

  7. Those turned out so fun! Angry birds seem to be so popular now. What a great idea!

  8. Sooo stinkin adorable! My kids would love these! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  9. You are so good! Those are too cute to eat!!

  10. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. bird pins


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