Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Camping Party Inspiration

While we have not had a camping themed party, nor do we camp other than with scouts,  I am inspired from these camping themed parties.  

You must see this party by And Everythig Sweet.     She has thought of everything from individual handmade tents,  a party table with log chairs and an amazing dessert table. 

I really like it when instead of that traditional little goody bag, something more inaginative is given instead.  They boys at the camping party on Clean and Senstible  were each able to take a kerchief bag on a stick home.   She also had great invitations, and activity ideas.

This camping party looks like was quite a lot of fun.   Not only did they have an outdoor movie and games under the stars, each child got backpack goodie bags and T Shirts for the occasion   Check out HostessBlog.com  to see all the great ideas she has to share. 

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