Monday, August 29, 2011

Clay Creations by Kara

This post is a "guest tutorial" by my daughter Kara, age 10.  She wanted to show how  she made an Angry Bird that can be used as an ornament or decoration.

She used a block of red  Fimo/Sculpty clay for this project.  Before rolling into a ball she pinched off a small piece of clay. She put it aside to make the feathers on top of his head in a later step.  She then used the remaining clay  that she rolled into a ball for  the bird's body.

Using a little bit of black clay, she rolled a "black worm" and then flattened to make his eyebrows. 

You can make clay eyes if you prefer, but Kara thought it would be fun to use google eyes.   She suggests putting the eyes in to ident the clay,  but then taking them out before baking the clay.  They can be glued back on, in the indented spots after the clay cools.  I am not sure how they would hold up if try to put them in the oven. 

She used the red clay she set aside, and added the feathers on top of his head.  She rolled a very long red worm which she folded in half to make the middle feather.  She then folded up each side again to form the other two feathers.  She then attached the feathers to the body.

Before using the white clay, she had to wash her hands because they were pretty red working with the red clay.  Once they were clean, she put a small piece of white through our clay pasta maker. When it was to the thickness she was happy with, she formed the belly piece and gently added it on.

She used some yellow to make the beak, and  then used a clay tool to add his nostrils.   A toothpick would work at this step as well.  

To make the tail, she made 3 small worms and then attached the ends together before adding it to the bird.

She is working on several more clay creations, so you might be seeing more tutorials for kids soon!

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