Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Insanity

In the last couple of days we have had 3 school registration days and freshman orientation.    All 3 of  my kids are moving up to new schools with their new grade.   The high school registration was first on Thursday.  We had to wait in line to turn in our emergency form, we had to wait in line to  have her  pictures/ID  taken,  then there was another line for our planner and schedule.  For the most part, the high school registration went quickly and smoothly.   Yesterday did not go quite as quickly.   My soon to be freshman was trying to test out of a class.  I had to drop her off at 10 am at the high school,  and then take my soon to be 5th grader to the intermediate school for her registration day.   This time  all the lines were long.   First there was her school pictures/ID,  then another line for her teacher/class schedule,  then another line for her planner, and then yet another line for bus schedule.  It was at least a good 90 mins. or more before we were done.  We rushed back to the high school, where soon to be freshman was already waiting.   This morning we had the pleasure of doing the process  all over  again.  I dropped the soon to be freshman off at school for freshman orientation, then ran back home to make sure the soon to be 7th grader was out of bed.  Once he had breakfast and was showered, it was off to his school for his registration.  We thought we were home free when we saw very minimal lines to pick up his schedule, planner, and bus schedule but unfortunately we were not so lucky.  We went to the gym for his school pictures/ID and all the lines were clear across the entire gym.  It took a good hour to before it was our turn for pictures.   As soon as we were done with that, it was time to go back to the high school because my soon to be freshman needed to be picked up.  We still needed to find soon to be 7th graders locker and classes. so after dropping off his sister, it was back to the middle school.    We finally finished with everything a little after 1 p.m.    So after 5 hours of waiting in line, and  writing 8 checks (with 4 more still to write), my kids should now be ready for school next week. 

Now I need to get my list and coupons together and get to the grocery store before dinner.   It looks like another good week at Meijer. 

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