Monday, August 8, 2011

Love that Laundry...

My company will be here shortly.  I am mostly done with the cleaning.  I still have some sweeping and vaccuuming to do, and of course some LAUNDRY.    Kara came home happy and tired with a bag full of wet dirty laundry.  (She threw her towel in the suitcase wet!)   Everything went straight into the washing machine.   

I also wanted so share a picture that was emailed to me this morning.  My daughter is a bit on the reserved side. She would never be considered to be a daredevil of any kind.  I knew there was going to be a zip line at one of the activities this week, but some of the girls were unsure if they were going to try it.   Kara did not mention it at all when she got home and I forgot to ask my friend who chaperoned.  I just assumed she didnt try it.   I was surprised and proud when her leader sent me the picture of her actually doing it.  Way to go!!

I am going to do a little bit more cleaning and then hopefully be back with some party tips!

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  1. ya know I am not a fan of cleaning but it would never get done without us moms!


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