Monday, August 22, 2011

And the Countdown Begins...

We are in the final countdown for our school year to begin..  Starting Thursday we have 3 registration days, freshman orientation, class test out day, dance open house, and probably a few more things on the schedule that I am forgetting.. 

While I have a few free days early this week,  the kids and I have a few  errands to run..  On todays agenda..
stop by the middle school and talk to the counselor
a haircut for my son whose hair grew so long over the summer he can no longer see
pick out and buy backpacks for 2 of my chldren
pick out and buy tennis shoes for 2 of my children
go to dance open house  to sign up for fall dance class

Lucikly I have a Staples rewards certificate and 15% coupon for Staples, a coupon for Payless and a coupon for Great Clips.    Let's hope today is smooth sailing and full of bargains. 

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