Saturday, July 9, 2011

You Never Know What You Might Find

We went on another search today for those pesky patio pavers, I want for a garden project.  I found out that the Michigan supplier of pavers has discountinued the line that I am looking for.  No wonder, I have not been able to find it is several stores.   I did, however, find an amazing deal that I could not pass up.  At Lowes we saw a beautiul hibuscus tree at a pretty good price.   My daughter loves hibiscus trees and tried her best to talk me into it.  When I took it to the register I was told that there were several trees ON CLEARANCE.   We went to check them out and found on that I really liked for what I thought was $15.  When she rang it up, it actually rang up only $7.50!  75% off  I would have bought another one but wasnt sure how one was going to fit in my car, let alone two.    If you have a Lowes nearby, you might want to see what great deals you can find.

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