Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easy (and Inexpensive!) Art Organization

While cleaning out the craft room with my mom, we have come across a lot of my childrens art projects.   I have kids that love to paint and draw.  They also have had a wonderful art teacher in elementary school, who had them make some amazing projects.  I am not quite ready to weed through it and throw it out, so I wanted to find an inexpensive way to organize everything. 

My Dollar Tree sells poster board 2 for $1.   I bought a different color for each child and then a 4th color for extra projects. 

I placed two of the poster boards together and then stapled around on three sides.  To keep the boards from slipping, staple the four corners first and then staple every couple of inches. 

I ended up with a porfolio /envelope that was large enough to hold a lot of their work. 

Due to time, I only wrote their names at this time, but you could easily have your children decorate their own artwork folder.     Total cost per folder was only $1.  The cost for an organized corner, priceless.

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