Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making a Fairy Garden

 Kara and I decided to make a fairy garden after seeing this adorable version on Once Upon a Crafttime.  In her post about fairy gardens, she mentioned she got this fabulous stone  flower pot on clearance at JoAnns for 70% off.   We went to JoAnns, and things were 70% off, but our selection was pretty minimal at that point. 

I did find this flower pot that I thought would be absolutely perfect for a fairy garden, but it was only 30% off, and a $10 flower pot (after discount) was a little more than I wanted to pay for this project.  I am keeping my eyes on it though, and will possibly get it if goes on clearance later in the summer. 

We found the mushroom stake in the 70% section.  We thought it would be perfect for the fairy (or smurf) garden.   It was only $2.99, with a regular price of $9.99.   The wooden (bird) fairy houses were $1 each.  We thought the little bluebird was on clearance, but actually wasnt it.  I used my 40% coupon and got it for $1.49.  We bought the plastic hanging pot, moss and vine at the dollar store. 

While the plastic hanging pot was not as cute as the wooden pot, for $2 we could decorate to make it more fairy like.   Here Kara is gluing on moss to the outer rim.  This was a messy job, and the moss did not stick as much as we would have liked.  If I knew where my glue gun was, I think hot glue would work better. 

In the first picture, Kara did a pretty good job of adding the moss but it was on the sparse side.  I added a lot more and then put the mushroom pick in to the pot.  Its a little tall for our pot, but not so much so that it was a problem. 

We added the dollar store vine to make  our pot look more like a garden. 
Kara painted the little birdhouses  is pretty colors that fairies would like, such as purple, yellow and light blue.    We then also glued a  litte more moss on the roof of each one. 

We placed the little houses into the pot, and added some purple flower picks that I had bought a clearance several months ago.  

Kara wanted to add even more color, so she found some little yellow flowers in our garden.   She also put the little bird on the roof of one of the houses.  Hopefully the bird will not scare the fairies away. 

We love how our fairy garden turned out.  Because some of our garden would not hold up to rain, we brought it inside and placed it on a coffee table.  It looks pretty there, but the cats have discovered it, so we might have to move it.   Fairies are a bit scared of cats.


  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful garden!! Love the mushroom touch!

  2. Awww, how cute! Hope your daughter catches lots of fairies! Thanks for linking up! :-)

  3. This is sooo adorable! Love it.. hope you have lots of fairy visits! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  4. This is such an adorable little project! I especially love the moss on the roofs of the little houses, what a fun little detail. Great job!

  5. We have fairies here and they want to know when they will get a great vacation spot like that. You did a fabulous job.
    Fairies and cats get along well as long as the cats respect the moss and leaves. The bird is on its own.

  6. how cute and fun!!! thanks for sharing:)

  7. My little girl would have so much fun doing this! Good idea!

  8. Oh that is so cute!!! My daughter would just LOVE this. We have talked about making one and never done it. Thanks so much for the simple tutorial!!


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