Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to the Fair

Today was Kids Day so we went back to the fair.  Kids 12 and younger got in for free and ride passes were discounted at only $12 ($8 off!)  Kara was the perfect size this year. She was under the height limit for the younger kids rides and she was big enough for all the big kid rides. A few younger riders were happy to meet her when they were nervous to ride a ride.  I offered her services to sit with the nervous younger rider.  LOL!  She helped this little girl on the motorcycle ride.

And this little boy on the mini roller coaster. He had such a serious look the entire time.  His parents told me it was his first time on a ride, and when he got off, he wasn't sure if he liked it.  
We went back to her favorite game where you win everytime, and she picked  another stuffed dog. 

She rode the large boat with an teenager, and looked very nauseous the entire ride.  I was a bit concerned she might not make it off the ride without getting sick. (she used to get car sick).  Luckily she was okay, when she got off the ride. 

During the ride, she noticed something going on in the distance.  A 75 yr old acrobat was doing an ariel act on an extremely high pole.  We missed most of her act, but the fact that she could still do what she was doing at 75 was amazing!

She then met 2 girls her own age, and went on the Cliff Hanger ride.  She looked really scared, but when she got off the ride, she said it was awesome and she wanted to ride it again. 

She then rode the apple ride, which was basically  a worm that went in a circle around an apple.  It was funny to ride such a simple ride after a thrill ride.

She then rode the Space Chaser which was a much younger version of the flying Cliff Hanger ride. 

At that point it was starting to rain a  little bit, and it was also time for the racing pigs.  This time we watched from the other side of the track.  Kara was picked as a pig rooter, but her pig came in last place, so she did not win the prize.

It was so much fun seeing the pigs jump in the pool.  They loved the water.  

There was one little piggy that was so cute.  Every time he was introduced, he would stand up in his stall and peek his head out.

It was then  starting to rain harder so we went into the  animal exhibts.  Kara got to pet a baby chick that was only a day or two old. We saw one egg that was starting to hatch, but the chick was taking a long time so we moved on.

We met a really nice 4H er who told Kara she was welcome to pet her Pygmy goat. Kara loved that. The goat was so cute and tiny. 

We saw these very interesting chickens in the poutltry barn.  They almost did not look like birds.

Going to the fair was also educational.   Kara learned how to use an old fashioned loom, and helped weave a cloth. 

We went back to the Cliff Hanger and found out that the day passes had just  expired at 5 p.m. I was not going to pay $20 for the evening pass, so were done with the rides for the day.  The guy in charge of the ride was so nice.  He told Kara she could ride it even though it was past 5,  and then asked  me if I would like to ride too even though I did not have ride tickets.  We had told him that it was our favorite ride. I think it helped that it was around dinner time, and there was not a long line at the time.  We made sure to thank him for being so nice to us.   We then stopped at the fishing booth, and Kara caught a catfish.   I was grateful that someone else baited the hook and removed the fish. 

I took this picture while we were waiting for the Family Adventure Theater.  We could see the sky getting dark.  I felt bad for all the people who had just bought their ride passes for the evening. 

Kara volunteered to be in the play, but she was unsure about what she was going to have to do.

She was chosen to be one of the intergalatic Furballs who were captured by Cyber Dancers.  She says she felt silly, but I thought she looked adorable.

The play was really cute, but at this point the rain really started coming down, so we knew it was time to leave. 

On the way out she asked to play one more game.  She beat me in skeeball type of racing game, and won an adorable monkey. 

Good bye county fair.  We will see you next year!!

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