Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders Going Out Of Business Sale

If you have not already heard, the Borders Bookstore chain is going out of business because they were not able to find a buyer and had to file bankruptcy.  I am sad about it because I really liked Borders.  We have one in our town and went frequently.  Starting today they are having their liquidation sale with items 40% off.   My mom and I will be going in a few hours and I will update on what we find, 


Well we just got back from the Borders sale.  My store was PACKED!  The entire parking lot was full and the line to check out was at least 20 deep at one point.    I was a little disappointed in some of the deals, but I know that the discounts will change quickly.   I did go ahead and buy some of the items we found instead of waiting longer in case I do not make it back. 

Blue Tag Bargain Books are 20%     These were find in the bins in the frong of the store.   I found the crafting with kids book and a novel for my son.    The novel was only $1.69 and the craft book $4.79

Red Tag Bargain Books are only 10% off the red sticker price.  These book are already considered on clearance which is why they are probaby only 10% off.   I did find some recipe books that I wanted to try out.
Best, Ever 3 & 4 Ingredient cookbook was $5.39
Essential Finger Foods was $5.39
Japanese Cooking was $2.69
Short Recipes was $2.69

Magazines/Newstand was the best deals in the store at 40% off.    I found a Taste of Home Fun Food and a Craft Magazine.  They were $4.79 and  $3.59 after the discount. 

Looking around the store some of the books are only 10% off and some were 30%.   The cooking and crafting books that I was the most interested in were in the 10% catagory.   The 30% seemed to be on  some novels.  New and Bestsellers were still only 10%. 

The sale is supposed to be online too. Iif you are looking for a particular book,  you might be able to find out the discount online before going to the store.  

Overall, I am happy with my finds today.  I saved almost $10 off with special discounts.

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