Thursday, July 14, 2011

Target Deals and Clearance

I went on a Target run today and matched a lot of great deals with coupons. 

Probably the best deal were the jeans for my oldest daughter.   They were regularly $19.99, on clearance for $4.98.  This week there was a $3 off jeans coupon on  I spent only $1.98 on a pair of jeans for her to wear to school.

I also got my son some socks.  I dont know how he does it but he goes through socks like water.   I had a $1 off Hanes Target coupon.  I found a 6 pk of Hanes socks for $4.99, so I paid only $3.99 after coupon.n 

The pillow was only $2.50, but I used a $2 off Target coupon, which made it only .50

Having a houseguests this summer, we have been going through a lot of TP.  I wish I could have waited for a sale, but we are running low and my mom is coming in just a couple of days.   I did use a $2 Target coupon and a $2 man coupon, to get $4 of the $11.79 price. 

In the summer area, all items are now 50% off.  I picked up a really nice cloth tablecloth (the last one!) for $4.99. It is regularly $9.99.   Kara also talked me into a pack of silly putty for $1, regularly  $2.

Kraft Stackable Marshmellows were on clearance for $1.08.  Just yesterday I printed a $1 off coupon from Kraft First Taste.  Final price for the marshmellows was only .08!

In the school supply department, I picked up a few more deals.

2 pk of Sharpies normally $1.54, were only .54 after my $1 Target coupon.
A pk of magic tape, on sale for $1, was only .50 after my .50 Target coupon.
I used a $1 off Papermate Target coupon to get the pens for only .02.  They are normally $1.02
The Wet Ones were only .50 after my Target .50 coupon. 

We picked up two bottles of nail polish with coupons as well.  Sally Hansen is normally $2.49.  I had a $1 Target coupon and a $1 man. coupon.  Final price was .only .49. 
NYC polish was on sale for 10% off.  I had a $1 off man coupon off the $1.54 sale price.  Final price for that bottle was only .54

I had a $1 off 3 pack of Stride gum, which made the final price $1.39 for 3 packs

The Sour Patch kids are normally $1.99 each.  I had a $1 off 2 coupon and a .75 off Target coupon.  Final price for each bag was $1.11

I used $17.25 in coupons  and spent only $27.15.  Full price my purchase would have been $67.50 before tax.   I saved approximately 60%.

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