Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creating My Craftroom

The craftroom in the picture is NOT my craftroom.  It is what I inspire my craft room to look like someday.  My actual room is a bit smaller,  I think about 11 x 11 and I do not have those wonderful cubbies.  Do you have one those areas in the house were everything that doesnt have a place seems to go?   In my house, it goes to the craft room. After several years of that happening, it had pretty much made the room unusable.  Hopefully that is all going to change.  My mom is here for the week and she has already jumped in to help with the organzing of the black hole room of stuff.. (there is a 2nd black hole in the house, which is my youngest daughters room, but we will leave that for another day)  We now have floor space all around the desks that are in the middle of the room after a few hours of organizing.  I am seeing progress made!  I hope to post before and after pics this week. 

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