Monday, October 1, 2012

Countdown to Halloween

If you are a long time follower of me the last few years on Weebly and Blogger, you know that starting Nov 1, I do a daily countdown to the holidays.  I would feature an ornament, treat or craft of the day to share ideas we could all use in our holiday planning.  This year I am going to extend on that, and also have a Countdown to Halloween every day in the month of October.  If you have something that you would like me to feature for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, please contact me.

I am going to start today's countdown with some inexpensive decorating ideas with light that we have done for Halloweens in the  past.

This is what our trick or treaters saw when we opened the door. The entire foyer and stairs were light up and glowing..  I had pumpkins plugged in on the stair landing and hallway.  The pumpkins on the stairs have glow sticks in them.  I wanted battery operated tea lights, but they Dollar Tree ran out before I could buy some.  I hope to get some for this year.

Have you seen this idea on Pinterest?  Someone shared about cut out holes in a TP tube and the placing a glow stick inside..

We tried it out, and it really does work..  Can you imagine several bushes with glowing eyes.  I picked up a tube of glow sticks that I plan to use for our row of bushes in front of the house.   I have been saving TP tubes for the last several weeks.

Another fun way I have decorated with light it is set up a pumpkin display in our front window.  I am not able to do it anymore because the bush and tree in front of it make it too hard to see.  I have so many plug in pumpkins because I get them on clearance in the days after Halloween for at least 50-75% off.

I am going to start breaking out this years decorations this week.  What will I do this year??

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  1. You have some great Halloween ideas. I saw the TP roll too! I am going to try it. I love Halloween!

    Found your page from Crafters Dream Giveaway. I am now following you and look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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