Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Day at Halloweekend

Yesterday we had a fun family day at Cedar Point.  During the weekends in September and October, they have something called Halloweekends.  Most of the rides are open, and there are several fun Halloween activities you can attend for no additional cost.   We had not been to one before, but we will be sure to go back in the future!

I noticed an interesting trend yesterday.  Everyone seems to be posting  name signs  on their bathroom doors..  Tarzan uses the restroom in a McDonalds in Michigan.  (Sorry it is so blurry, I was trying to quickly take the picture of the bathroom door  and not look crazy... LOL)    Hens and roosters use a bathroom at KFC near the park.  Why they would want to go to the bathroom in a place that serves chicken, I have no idea.  Dolls are welcome to use go at Johnny Rockets in the park.  Has anyone noticed this trend at other restauraunts near them.

The weather we had for the day was gorgeous!!  It was in the mid to high 60s all day, and only got chilly at night.

Zombie Elvis was in the house.  Thank you very much.

Yep, she is still my mini me!

This cracked me up.  While I know what it is for, I was wondering if  there was a family washing machine. LOL!  It costs $5 to have the family drying experience.

Kara told me that I could take a picture of her in the stockades, but then when the time came refused to get in them.  None of my kids would cooperate for this fun photo op.. Boo!

I soooo want to ride this ride.  If I get the okay for the heart doctor this week from my stress test, I will so be on it next time..  I was really good yesterday.  I only rode  easy rides and one mild coaster.

Good thing we got to see these in the daytime..None of us are fond of scary clowns.
I just found out  that I have a secret talent when it come to scary things!  Keeping others calm in "haunted houses."  Did you know that if you don't like to be scared there is a prime place in line  to be in during your time in one?  The best place to be is 2nd or 3rd person  in the group.  While we are not big fans of gory haunted houses with weapons, we knew the ones at Cedar Point would be "safe". Children were welcome.  There were signs that they were designed for older kids and those under 4 feet should be accompanied by a responsible person.   There were no weapons, no blood, mostly just people in make up  jumping out of hiding places. When we went in, Kara immediately grabbed my hand.  I knew she was scared so I calmly talked her (and myself)  through.  We were in 2nd in line behind another couple.  The woman in the couple in front of us was an easy target. She kept getting scared because the "monsters" always seem to jump out at her. .  As Kara and I would walk in a room, I was say out loud. See, there is a person right there...  Now that you see them you have no reason to be scared. Kara  immediately calmed down and was then just fine  through the entire house.  Since they could see I was talking to a child, the monsters  didn't really jump out at us.  When we were done, the woman in front of us thanked me because my calming talk to  Kara also calmed her down. LOL!  Kristina who was right behind me, also heard me and she was also able to stay calm.  Who knew I could calm a room down just by talking.

This picture is also really funny.  Kyle was "passed out" in front the of saloon in Old West/Mine area of Cedar Point.  The girls and their dad wanted to go to Eden Musee a spooky wax museum, but Kyle did not want to. We sat on this bench to wait which happened to be in front of the saloon.  Kyle decided he was tired while we were waiting,  and laid down to take a short nap.

By this point it was getting late, and we were all tired.  We took one last ride on the Giant Wheel, the large ferris wheel where you can see the entire park.  It was beautiful, but very cold at the top.

While I physically feel good today (the day after), my feet are really  hurting.  I did end up swelling with hives again at the end of the night. I wore comfortable shoes, but not ones I am used to wearing more than a few hours.  I am still a bit swollen, thought it is subsiding and I have a few blisters on the top of my foot.  Even with the foot discomfort, our family day at Halloweekend  was so worth it.

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  1. Looks like you all had a good time! Thanks for sharing! and Kara looks just like you :-)


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