Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dare to Share #28

Wow do I have a lot to share this week.  I have a few more health updates.  Do you remember me sharing that I had an ultrasound of my thyroid  last week. Well on Tuesday around 6 p.m., I got a call directly from my Dr.  She said that she got the results back and I have 2 nodules bigger than 1 cm that need to be biopsied. She does not necessarily think it is anything serious but they are bigger than the benchmark.  She also referred me to the endocrinologist now that I have the nodules in addition to my hashimotos.  On Wednesday, I had my echo stress test.  First they take an ultrasound of your heart and then make you get on the treadmill.  Once you get your heart rate to a certain rate they rush you back to the bed for another ultrasound.   I think it went pretty well. I did okay on the treadmill.  Had I taken the stress test a couple of weeks ago pre-thyroid meds there is no way I could have lasted as long.  I will see the heart Dr again in about two weeks and will be called sooner if anything serious is found on my report.


Today's linky party is starting late tonight because my 15 year old asked me to take her to see Pitch Perfect today. I was kind of surprised because she is not really a fan of Glee or other music shows.  We ended up going to the late show and got home around midnight.  This is definitely more of a chick flick because of the ratio of guys to girls in the audience.  I counted only about 25 guys and I know there were more than 200 girls.  All of the guys came with either a girlfriend/wife.   This movie is so much fun!  Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy (in the picture) is hilarious and made the movie.  If you like music and like to laugh, you will really enjoy this movie.

I also made a mummy eye wreath using dollar store items.   I went kind of simple and not sure if it needs more eyes.   It was easy to make, and I like how it looks on the door.

Well now it is time for you to share.. I would love to see what you made, or did this week.   I don't have a lot of rules for the party.

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  1. I hope your tests come back okay! Good to hear that Pitch Perfect is good :)

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  2. The ultrasound can evaluate nodule for suspicios characteristics such as:
    • Increased blood flow;
    • Microcalcifications
    • Irregular borders
    • Psamoma bodies (high resolution ultrasound)
    If nodule has no blood flow and no microcalcifications it is monitored by ultrasound exams!


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