Sunday, October 28, 2012

Even more Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween treat boxes perfect for a class party

Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but I finally got the rest of my Halloween treat boxes finished today. I am quite happy with how they turned out..     Today I made a witch, owl and vampire

Halloween treat boxes that are perfect for a class party

to be added to their friends Frankenstein, spider and mummy.. You can see how to make them on my last post here.

Make a vampire Halloween treat box perfect for class parties

The Vampire box was the easiest  one to make.  I used purple cardstock for the face, and black for the hair.  I chose to use extra small goggle eyes to keep his face in balance.  I drew on the eyelids and mouth with sharpies,  and added  craft foam fangs for a more 3D effect. He ws simple and quick!

How to make an owl Halloween treat box perfect for class parties

I experimented with a couple of different eyes for the owl.  I decided to go with the bigger yellow ones.  They just looked more owl like to me

 Because of the size of the box, the wings could not be very big.  I cut them out of cardstock, and then glued a feather on top of it with a glue gun. 

How to make an owl Halloween treat box perfect for a class party

I glued the paper  feathers to the side of the box, and craft foam beak finished his face.

I also experimented with several different eyes for the witch. When I tried the green ones that  I found at the craft store, I knew they were the winner.

I drew on the mouth with Sharpie. I then glued only the end of a triangle,  so it would stand up on the face.  Kara thought it needed a wart and made one from paper, but it looked a bit too big.  You could easily draw one on if you like.

How to make a Halloween witch treat box

I folded some orange paper strips to make her crazy hair. It was Kara who figured out how to make the hat 3D.  We glued a black circle on the top of the box.   I then cut two triangles the exact same size, and glued only the top 2/3 of the triangles together.  I then foldes  the bottom 1/3 of the triangles so that the bottom lays flat.  Glue the flat side to the circle. You now  have a 3D witch hat

Fill the boxes with your favorite Halloween candy.  They are the perfect size treat to take a classroom party. 

All 6 treat boxes ready  to PARTY!

I will be linking my treat boxes up to these wonderful linky  parties HERE!  

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