Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caramel Apple Treats

While caramel apples are not a new treat, there are some  fun ways to make them even yummier.

 Kara unwrapped the caramel, while I got together our toppings.  I opened a few of our Halloween candy bags,  I pulled some of our favorite cereals out of the pantry.

We washed and dried our apples and placed them on a butter sprayed piece of parchment paper.

The toppings we ended up selecting were Count Chocula, Reeses Puffs, M &Ms, Skittles, Nerd and cut up Snickers.  I got out the Reeses Peanut Butter topping but we ended up not using it.

I dipped the apples, and then gave them to Kara to add the toppings.

They might not be pretty and perfect, but they sure are colorful!

Karas'sSkittle and Nerd apple

Our Count Chocula apple

Another colorful apple with M&Ms and Nerds

I had a little bit of caramel left over so I drizzzled it over some banana and made some caramel banana bites.  Delicious!

We can't wait to eat them, but they are in the fridge chilling.  It's bedtime, so I think they might have to wait until tomorrow.

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