Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Minute Prep

It seems to happen every year..

I plan to get things done in plenty of time..  Which of course, never seems to happen.   Again this year I have long to do list that has to be in done in  next approximately 24 hours..

I need to redecorate the porch.  The very strong winds we got all the way in Michigan from Hurricane Sandy  blew down all of my decorations.  Frankie is now missing his hair, mouth and stitches.  The hair is long gone, but I did have the other things.

We need to finish our pumpkins. We gut them last night, but it was too late to carve.  We will finish up after Kara's dance class tonight.

I need to finish Kara's raccoon costume with a broken sewing machine. Yep, I said broken.  I pulled out my oldest daughter's small one, and I am praying it works.  I need to sew the side seams on the too, finish the tail and add a drawstring to her pants.   Oh and make her a headband with raccoon ears.

I need to decorate the front entry.  I have several plug in pumpkins that light up the hallway to our front door.  I also put the plastic pumpkins on our stairs with mini tea lights inside. It looks really pretty all lit up.

I hope to make the glowing eyes for the front bushes.  I am going to wait on this to see how the weather is going to be. If it is wet and windy I we might not put them out.

I also have to do some general cleaning of the house.  We have invited several friends to go trick or treating with us. I might if I have time, make something fun for the kids to eat.  

So what is on  your Halloween to do list??

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