Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why So Quiet?

You may have noticed things have been quiet on my blog for a couple of days.  It's been a few days of Dr. appointments and just catching up.     Kara is still having a lot of pain.   She was home Monday and today. She went into school Tuesday and Wednesday, but not the entire day.  Because she was in too much pain to ride the bus, I have been  driving her to school  and picking up her at the end of the day.   If you read my "Getting Back to Normal" post, you know that I had quite a few things to catch up on.   I am happy to say there have been some updates..

The laundry pile, well that is still too big.. I think I have only done 2 or 3 loads this week

The cats are no longer following me around.  I bought them food a few days, ago, and their bellies are full

Going to school a couple of days this week, my daughter did catch up on some of her missed work

The Dr. appointments went well.   My son does not have any cavities. Yea!    My moles look good, and I am cleared until next year.  The spot on my foot is also okay.  Nothing has to be cut out our removed, and I am fine with that!

Now if only I can get my shopping list and coupons in order,  I have not been to the store in 11 days other than a quick milk and bread run.   I plan on going tomorrow and will hopefully be posting Meijer deals again.

At least things are starting to feel a little bit  back to "normal".

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