Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Since I am not Catholic, I don't really follow the Catholic traditions of Ash Wednesday and Lent.  I do, however, have a tradition I follow every Fat Tuesday.    I know there are many different traditions for Fat Tuesday around the country and world.   I live in  Michigan, where we have a big population of Polish Americans.   The Polish tradition for Fat Tuesday is to eat Paczki.   I justify eating them to myself,  because I have a tiny bit of Polish in me on my dad's side.

A Paczki is fried dough, filled with fruit filling or custard. (basically a doughnut high in fat)   They come in so many wonderful flavors like  strawberry, raspberry, lemon, blueberry, apple, and  sweet custard.  One flavor that no one in my family is willing to try is  prune.  Our favorite flavors  are strawberry, raspberry and custard.  At the store this morning,  you could buy 6 packs for  $3.99 each, or a dozen for only $6.99.   Since we wanted both fruit and custard, the math was a no brainer for me.

  I have been looking forward to eating one of these since last February.  They are only available in the stores for a couple of days, which makes the Paczki  even more exciting.     YUM!! The one in the picture is long gone, and  I am about to eat my second one.   Shh! Don't tell the "Food Police".   I didn't buy them until he was already at school for a reason.  Since he really likes them too, I think he might be okay with this purchase.  

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