Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting Back to Normal

What is normal?  I am not sure if I have ever been "normal",  but I am ready to get back to our regular routines, and have the feeling of being mostly caught up again.   Between sick kids, and hospital visits, life around here has been a little more chaotic than "normal" lately.

The laundry pile is has become a bit larger than "normal" because I have not really had time to mess with it

We have been running out of milk faster than "normal" because I have not had the chance to get to the store

The cats have been following me around more than "normal", because we ran out of cat food yesterday, and they want me to feed them NOW. (I will pick it up today when I pick up more milk)

Homework has been piling up more than "normal" because my poor daughter has missed 8+ days in the last two weeks because of her illness and hospital l visits

We have a few extra appointments this week. I am hoping that the results are "normal".  I hope at my son's dentist appointment today he does not have a cavity, and I hope my dermatologist tells me that my moles and whatever that is one foot are "normal". (I have had to have many moles removed in the past)

We have a much needed winter break from school coming up when we will have 4 day weekend.. Ahhhh..  Maybe that is just what we need to get back to  "normal"

                  Happy Valentine's Day from my "normal" 10 yr old giving some attitude.

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