Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back in the E.R.

Wow what a couple of days we have had.   This morning, my daughter had showered and we had just put in her curlers for tonight's Daddy-Daughter dance.  She went downstairs, and  a few minutes later I heard her scream.  She had been arguing over the Wii with her brother, and somehow fell and hit her belly area.  She claims she was pushed, he claims that he accidently bumped her when they were both trying to get the Wii first.  When you have mono, you need to be very careful because it is very easy to rupture your spleen.  I immediately came downstairs and found her in the fetal position, holding her belly, and crying in pain.   I helped her to the couch for a minute.  It was one of those, what should I do moments.  Was this another E.R. worthy injury?  Is it just a temporary pain that will subside in a few minutes?  Seeing the pain in her eyes, her dad and I felt this was an E.R. moment.   A ruptured spleen could be life threatening.  The local freestanding E.R. was not that far, and only about 10 minutes away.  We decided to go ahead and go there.  She got into a room rather quickly, and within 1 hour of falling was already having a cat scan. She also had her 3rd I.V. bag and shot of morphine  in 12 days.   Our local E.R. was a busy place today too.  We were told by her nurse, that the results appeared to be okay and that we should hear from the Dr. soon.  A few hours later, we were told that they wanted to a urine test before she could be released, and we still had not heard from the Dr.. Another hour after that,  we were finally given the word.  The cat scan showed that her spleen was still in one piece,  and that it had actually no longer looked swollen from the mono.  The Dr. told me then that she was really worried when we first came in that it actually was ruptured. We were told we definitely made the right decision bringing her in.  Kara is  still a little sore, so most likely she bumped  it or hit a muscle.  We are to go back to the E.R. if the pain worsens, or doesn't go away in a 12-24 hours.   Since she already had her dress and shoes, and her daddy already had her corsage and dinner  reservations, she is still going to get to go on the date with her daddy. She has been looking forward to this day for weeks.   She is only going to go to the dance to have her photo taken, eat  her dessert and get her goody bag.  I am going to drive them, and drop her directly at the door, so she does not have to walk through a large parking lot.  This year's dance is definitely going to be a memorable one.

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