Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kids Fun Times Two

I am so excited to share an idea I had this weekend. We will be starting two new series of weekly posts for kids, by kids.

As you have read this week, I went on a grocery shopping with my son, who is now known as the "Food Police".   Using the information he heard in health class, he is  on a mission to change our family eating habits.    I had him go to the store with me so he could see the actual prices of food, and that grocery shopping isn't randomly throwing high price  items in the cart.  I shared with him how we need to make healthy choices, but also stay on a budget.   I have been getting a lot of positive responses from my friends and family about our  shopping adventure, and his health tips.  Then I realized, I might be onto something.   While Kyle is on this health kick, he can help pick healthy recipes for our family using items that are on sale for the week.    Once a week I will be featuring a Cooking with Kyle recipe/ tutorial. It will be a healthy, budget friendly, AND kid friendly recipe for those picky eaters.

Long time followers might remember two kid craft features that Kara has shared on the blog.   In August, she showed how to make her clay creations,  a penguin, and an Angry Bird.  I also featured some of her doll clothes she made for her stuffed animals. She loves crafting, and will be sharing crafts for kids in her series,  Crafting with Kara. 

The kids are  excited about their new adventures.  Look forward to their first in both their series to be posted soon.

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