Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meijer Deals This Week

I had planned on going grocery shopping earlier in the week.  That did not end up happening due to our unexpected E.R. visit yesterday.  I made sure to make it today,  because  we will be soon in the middle of a snowstorm.  When I tell you the excitement never ends at my house, I mean it.  LOL!   This week Meijer is having a 10 for $10 sale.  I love it when this happens because you can get so much more for your money. Everything in the picture was in the sale and only $1.  

Coke  2 liters, $1 each.. this is a GREAT price.  They are normally   $1.59 each
Meijer brand  croutons, $1 each, reg price $1.39 (Marzetti croutons also on sale for $1)
3 lb bag or red or yellow potatoes, $1 each, reg price $2.69
Pillsbury Frosting, $1 each, reg price $1.65
Meijer crusty french  baguette, $1 each, reg price $1.49
Aunt Millies english muffins, $1 each, reg price $2.99
Meijer brand buns, $1 each, reg $1.36
Bar S Salami,  $1, reg $1.49
Armour Lunchmakers,  $1 each, reg price $1.25
Kraft Marshmellows, $1, reg price $1.45
Strawberries, $1, reg $3.69
Broccoli crowns $1, reg price $1.25
Baby carrots $1, reg price $1.50
Spinach $1, reg price $1.99
Dole Salad $1, reg price $1.99
Yellow, Orange and Red Peppers $1, reg price $2 each
Cucumbers 2 for $1, reg .67 each
Organic white mushrooms $1 reg price $2

Better than $1

 4 Pizza Rolls, $1 each, reg  price $1.89..  I used a $1 off 4 M Perks, a  $1 off 2 printable, and a .40 off 2 manufacturer coupon that doubled .  Final price for all only $1.20 or .30 each.  Good thing because 2 of teh boxes have already been eaten less than 2 hours later.

3 Green Giant boxed veggies $1 each, reg price $1.62 ea.  I used a .60 off 3 coupon, final price .80 each

4 Campbells Soup at Hand $1 each, reg price $1.79 each.  I used a $1 M Perk coupon and a .50 off 2 coupon that doubled.  (did not have another, would have used 2). Final price .50 each.  With 2nd coupon, would have been .25 each.

2 Dozen eggs, on sale .99 each

Other great deals

Go Gurt on sale $1.67 each, reg price $2.69.  I used a .75 off 2 coupon, final price $1.29 each

Gortons Fish Sandwich on sale Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, reg price $6.99 each.   $6.99 for 2, plus I used a .50 off 1 coupon that doubled.  Final price $5.99 for 18 fish sandwich patties, which would have been $13.98

Jose Ole Taquitos on sale 50% off.   Reg price $4.99 each, sale price $2.49. I used two $1 off coupons, final price $1.49

Pebbles Cereal bars on price cut for $2 each, reg price $2.19.  I used two .55 off coupons, final price $1.45 each

Jacks Pizza on sale $2.50 each, reg price $2.79.  I used a $1 off 2 coupon, final price $2 each.

Minute Maid OJ on sale $2.50, reg price $2.99.  I had a .75 off Meijer catalina coupon, final price $1.75

I had few more items not pictured.. The coupon and promo total was $27.22.  When you buy 10 of the $1 items, you get the 11th free.  I received 2 free items.  I also saved $55.21 on sale prices.  A total savings today of $82.43.

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