Monday, February 6, 2012

Kohls Clearance

I am so excited by my trip to Kohls yesterday.  My youngest daughter is going to go to another Daddy-Daughter dance next weekend, and needed a new dress.  As you know from a previous post she has been pretty sick the last week, and finally felt well enough yesterday to do a little shopping.   I was thrilled to see 8 to 10 racks of clearance items in the girls section, with many wonderful dresses for 70-80% off.   

We went into the dressing room with an armful of dresses.  Most looked really good on her, but we were able to finally get the number down to 3 or 4.   One of the finalists  was a black and white ruffled dress that was only on sale for 30% off.  Its  sale price was $43.40.  I looked at the prices of the other two, and was surprised to see that we could by BOTH  dresses for only $29 total.  Being my daughter, she appreciates a good sale, and quickly went with the better deal.
The blue dress which she absolutely loves is  a $58 dress marked down 80% to only $12.40.  The black dress really looked good on her too.  It is $62 dress marked down 70% to only $17.40. She has grown several inches this year, so she could use dresses in her new size.  We are not sure which one she will wear to the dance yet, but both will look good with the white corsage.  

I was also thrilled to find an outfit for next Christmas.  We bought this one a size bigger than she wears now.  The top is an emeral green with sequins and it comes with beautiful velour leggings. An added bonus, there was a matching doll outfit that she already put on her favorite bunny.   The price was amazing too.  It was originally $70, marked down 80%  to only $14. 

We also found two really cute tops for school.  The purple top has a fun ruffle that dresses it up a bit.  It was orginally $22, on sale 70% and marked down to $6.60. The pink top has a fur vest that looked adorable on her.  It was orginally $34 and marked down 80% to only $6.80. 

The total for all 5 items was $57.20 before tax.  I was talking to another mom in the dressing room about the dance when she offered me her extra 15%  off coupon.  That was so thoughtful of her, especially since this was one of the few visits to Kohls that I have shopped without one.   The coupon saved me an addtional $8.58. 

But that's not all....

I was also surprise at the register when the cashier told me that my $51.54 total I qualified for a $10 Kohls cash award.  I had no idea they were doing Kohls cash this week because I had not received a flyer in two week..   

According to the reciept I saved $197.38 and I have an additional $10 back.  This is the way I love to shop. 

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