Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mission Organization- My Baking Supplies

Having a party blog, I guess it makes sense that  have a lot of baking supplies.  I love to bake and create.  In my kitchen, I have two lazy Susan type storage areas.  While they are convenient where you can see everything, the space is not ideal for storage.  

My baking supplies are all kind of jammed into the space, and I was having trouble finding things 

I took everything out, and realized I had more than I thought I did. 

I combined like items, and removed the extra packaging 

I then organized by like items into smaller bins

I placed all of my sprinkles, toppings and icings in this cute pink bin from the Dollar Tree.  This bin is going to go in my project for this upcoming week.  

While the lazy Susan is still not the ideal space for my supplies, I can now see everything at a glance.  


  1. You did a great job getting your supplies under control! I think the sorting will help you find what you need!

  2. This looks like my baking supplies! I know organization is good thing. Sometimes I get to a point, if I can not find anything then I buy it again. Hopefully now you can find what you are lookinh for.

  3. That extra packaging can take up a lot of room. And I'm a fan of sorting stuff into small bins/boxes. Good job.


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