Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why I Dislike Health Class

My son who has Aspergers, is taking health this quarter.  It is a required class for his grade, and I don't really mind that he is taking it.   He is learning to become a healthier person, which is a good thing.  The thing that I find really annoying though, is he has turned into the food police overnight. My pizza roll loving, didn't care what I bought child, is now worried about trans fats, sodium, and his cholesterol level. He is reading labels to look for anything hydrogenated.   Just now, he was looking a light vinaigrette we have in our fridge, and freaked out because white wine one of the trace ingredients. He told me I had to be careful if  I used it.  I do admit that I  drink a glass or two of pop from time to time. (okay... daily!)   When I poured myself a small glass, he informed me I shouldn't drink it because it was full of sugar and sodium. I told him in a nice way that I didn't care.  I was going to drink my glass of pop, and enjoy  it.  I try to eat relatively healthy.  I don't drink or smoke, so he could not take my pop away. It's not like I am drinking several cans a day, just a small cup or two.  Today he told me he wants me to buy  a lot more produce and whole grain breads.  I informed him that he better eat these items if I buy them, because usually  I have to throw away some of that produce, because he didn't help eat it. I also told him that I agree that whole grain bread is best, but if it is $3 a loaf, and another type of healthy bread can be bought for under $1 a loaf, I am going to pick the one that is in the budget.  One good thing I can see coming out of this, is he is going to go to the grocery store with me tomorrow.  He can pick out the healthy items he wants to eat, and I can teach him how to grocery shop on a budget.

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