Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Dance That Almost Wasn't

With everything going on today, I only took two very quick photos before she left for the dance. When she got home from the E.R. she had only 20 minutes to get ready before their dinner reservation. (her hair was curled, because she wore her  curlers all day at the hospital)   This photo  was taken after dinner, but before I drove them to the dance. We were in a hurry because the dance had already started when they were still at dinner.   It was her dad's idea for me to drop them off at the front door, so she didn't have to have long walk through the high school parking lot.  After dropping them off, I ran to Target to pick up a couple of things.  She was only there about 30-40 minutes when I got the call to come back and pick them up. She was worn out, and he was hoping to get her out of there before everyone else was ready to leave. Our local dance is one of the biggest in the area with hundreds of girls and daddy's attending.

We had made a nice boutonniere, but since I had not had time to look for a corsage pin, he couldn't actually wear it.

I took this photo once she got home from the dance.  I wanted to show her adorable dress I found on clearance at Kohls for only $12!

Notice anything interesting in this picture?  She is still wearing her hospital band.  We forgot to take it off before she left! Oops! You can also see the band aid where her IV was today.

Here is a picture of the corsage, she almost didn't get to wear.  We wanted to get a close up picture of her wearing it before she changed out of her dress.

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