Monday, November 28, 2011

What A Day

What a day we had today.    On our very first morning back to school after our 5 day break, I overslept. I woke up at the time I should have been leaving to take my son to school.  Oops!  Not a good way to start the morning.  I was pretty impressed that my son was ready to go in less than 20 minutes and we got to school right as the bell was ringing.   Kara woke up with a bad headache, so instead of adding to the chaos and getting her to the bus in time, I drove her to school about 30 minutes later.   My oldest did not feel well, and didnt even make it to school.  The afternoon did not go so smoothly either.   Kyle's  teacher called to say that he needed to stay after to do work that he did would not do at school.  Kara was supposed to go to a girl scout meeting right after school, but forgot and came home on the bus.   When she got home, we went right back to the school about 45 minutes late.  Today was a fun meeting where they mainly worked on crafts. (Kara was not the only one who forgot to stay at the meeting)   One of the crafts we made were duct tape pouches. 

I took the pictures on my cell phone, since I forgot my camera at home near the computer.   To make a duct tape pouch, start with a zippered baggie.   Using colored duct tape of your choice, lay the duct tape on the baggie.

Keep wrapping the bag with duct tape on both sides.  

Once the bag is totally covered, pick a second color for the accents.

Kar picked a really cool paint splash tape, that coordinated well with the purple. 

The girls had so many fun colors, and original patterns, I told them I would share their work so everyone can see them. 

They also had a blast making fuzzy ball characters.  Give girls pom, poms, glue, googly eyes and hearts and they will be occupied for hours!

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