Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, How Furry are Your Branches?

Cat sitting in a Christmas tree

This morning  I was sitting down to get on the computer, when I heard a creaking noise.  I look over to see my 12+ pound cat sitting at the top of the tree!  Its not so bad when her 7 1/2 pound sister does it. but I wasn't sure how she wasn't falling out.   I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures.

Cat sitting in a Christmas Tree

There are no ornaments on the trees yet.  This was my old tree that I moved to the front window.  I have not had time to decorate them yet, and I was waiting to see what the cats would do.  We got them as kittens in 2009. This is the third Christmas they have climbed in the Christmas trees.  

Close up of a cat sitting in a Christmas Tree

I LOVE this picture of her. 

The tree after the cat knocked it over

And,  this is how my tree looked a couple of minutes later. She tipped it over, when she was trying to get down.  You can see the fur under the tree.  She is fine, and so is the tree

the tree after the cat knocked it over

Ooops!  I better get out of here!!

Has this happened to anyone else? 

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