Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping with Coupons

I had so much fun this morning!  I went to Target and picked up some of their best deals and saved even more with coupons.    My kids are going to be so happy, and I am happy because I saved a lot of $$$$$

My first stop was the Toy Dept. 

My kids have been eyeing the Skylanders Spryo Adventure Starter Pack.  It is regularly $69.99.  Thru Wed., it is on sale for $49.99.  I paid for it with my Target gift cards that I have been saving all year.    Basically I got it for FREE! 

I have a son who loves Legos.  They had some good deals that match up with Target toy coupons. 

I got the Ninjagq Battle Arena on sale and I had a coupon.  This is normally $49.99.  Thru Wed, it is on sale for $37.49.  I also had  $5 off select lego sets Target coupon.  Final price $32.49

Lego Heroica was also on sale and there is a Target coupon.   This game is normally $29.99, but thru Wed, it is on sale for $19.99.  After the $5 Target coupon, final price was $14.99

The Scrabble Flash game was not on sale but there are two coupons that can be used.   This game is normally $19.98.  I had a $5 off Target coupon and a $5 off manufacturer coupon, making the final price $9.98. 

I also found some great deals in the clothing department 

The gorgeous shiny red girls boots are for Kara.  They are normally $27.99,  thru Wed, on sale for $20. 

I found a great gift for myself as well.  =)  I have been eyeing the Merona Macha black boots for a couple of months.  I liked them so much, that I almost got them for full price awhile back.  They are normally $34.99.  Today I found them on clearance for $24.48.  But that is not all!  There is also a $5 off womans boots coupon n this weeks flyer.  I got them for $19.48. WOOHOO!

For my older daughter I found a great price on 3 piece sleep sets.  Normally $27.99, thru Wed, they are on sale for $15.  I also used a $3 off sleepwear coupon, final price $12. 

The sweaters are also a great deal.  Normally $17.99 each, they are this weeks Weekly WOW and on sale for $9.99.  I used two $4 off Womens sweater coupons.  Final price $5.99 each.  

I also scored a few freebies.  

The Frankenberry cereal is finally marked down to 50% off.  For the longest time it was sitting at the $2.26 clearance price.  Today I found them for $1.33.  

The Up and Up Womans product was $3.79.  I had a $1 off an Up and Up product, $3 or higher catalina coupon.  Final price $2.79 for 48 pads. 

Now my freebies.

Aveeno has a deal where you earn a $5 gift card back when you buy 3.  The smaller $2.99 lotion is included.  I also used the $3 off 2 and a $1 off 1 Aveeno product coupons.  Price after coupons was $4.97.  After the $5 gift card,  I made .03 by buying it. 

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm regular price $2.99.  I had a $2 off Target coupon and a $1 off manufacturer coupon. Final price,  I made .01 for buying them. 

Full price what I bought today would have cost me $320.53. YIKES!    I used $46 in coupons~ Not too bad.    With sales, coupons, gift cards, and 5% off with Target card, my price was only $137.78. That was a 57% savings.

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