Friday, November 4, 2011

Target Deals

We stopped by Target after dinner tonight to see if there was any Halloween Clearance left.  My store is now at 50% off candy and 70% off all other items.   They still had a decent amount of baking/party supplies, so I was able to score a few great deals.  

The spider silicone cups were orginally $4.99 for a 4 pack.  I got them for $1.49 each or  $2.98 for 8!
The brownie kit (plan to altar the marshmellow characters) was orginally $6.99.  I got it for $2.09
The candy corn cookie pan was orginally $6.99.  I got it for $2.09
The multi character pan was orginally $8.99. I got it for $2.69
2 packs of goody bags orginally $1.99 each.  I got them for .59 each. 

I picked up two bags of candy that would be good to bake with in the upcoming weeks. 
Each bag was only $1.35. 

I paid only $13.73 before tax for everything in the picture. 

I also did the Marley and Me Frugal Gift Idea that I mentioned a few days ago.  This movie is orignally $9.  This week it is on sale for $7.   I printed a $3 coupon from, making the final price $4.  Kara is going to love it.  She has seen the movie and loves Marley.

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