Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Photo Outtakes

I am not sure what they were doing, but it looks like they were dancing.. LOL!

I was hoping to get my kids Christmas card picture taken today.  Let's just say that didnt happen.  Only two of the  three kids were even willing to participate.  Then we found out that the lighting was all wrong once I took a couple of shots.  I had hoped to take the pictures during the day, but that did not end up  happening either. It was too dark in our family room, so I had to use a flash.  My son started wearing glasses a year ago, and did not want to take them off for the picture. His glassese  pretty much  caused a glare  in every picture.   After a few test shots, I just took some of the kids goofing off, knowing I will have to try again another day..  Maybe then my oldest child will actually be in the picture. 

We tried one without the flash and the lights dimmed.  I liked the glow of the lights, but it was too dark to see the kids faces.  They also look really stiff because they are at the age where they refused to touch each other because they were worried the other  had cooties.. ROFL!!   Hopefully they will grow out of that one of these days. 

Kyle's glasses had a glare, plus he is making a goofy face.  Kara looks cute, but I am not sure what she is doing with her arm. 

Kara trying to pull her brother's glasses off her face, which by the way, he did not allow to  happen. 

When they tried in front of the as of yet undecorated Chrsitmas tree.  As you can see, definitely not a keeper.  I am not sure why it was so out of focus. I do know they were being goofy and having fun. 

Maybe my new camera will arrive quickly, so I can try to use it next time.  I will post the photo when we actually get a keeper.

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