Friday, November 18, 2011

Acorn Doughnuts

Yesterday I went to my womans group that I attend on Thursday mornings.  One of our snacks were the acorn doughnuts that are on Family Fun.   Mine are not as pretty as the Family Fun site, and I just realized I stuck the pretzel in upside down, but I still think this is a great snack to share.   I actually had to do mine after I got home, because I had to rush off for a parent/teacher conference. 

We were each given a plate with two doughnuts, a scoop of chocolate frosting, crumbled toffee and a few pretzel sticks.    I really like it with the chocolate frosting, but the recipe also says you can use peanut butter. 

Spread the frosting (or peanut butter) onto 1/3 of the doughnut.  My frosting was a bit chilled so it did not spread on so smoothly. 

Roll the doughnut into the crumbled toffee. Since my frosting was kind of lumpy, this step  probably does not look as good as it could with smooth frosting. 
Place a broken piece of pretzel into the top of the doughnut.    Simple and cute and a fun fall themed breakfast snack to serve your Thanksgiving guests. 

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