Friday, November 25, 2011

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

I am enjoying leftover turkey pizza, as I write this post..  Yum! It was worth the anticipation.    I am so glad that I found this recipe last year, and I am sure it will become a  yearly tradtion.   I wanted to share another recipe I came across this year, that I am sure we will also want to eat year after year.  

On Wednesday, I bought a tub of Alouette spinach and artichoke cheese dip on sale at Meijer.   I had intitially intended to serve the cheese with crackers, and make a stuffed mushroom recipe that uses stuffing.  When I opened the package, I saw there was a cheesy stuffed recipe on the inside of the label.    It called for only 3 ingredients.    

mushroom caps
Alouette spinach and artichoke cheese
seasoned breadcrumbs

I filled each mushroom cap with a spoonful of the dip.   Once they were all filled I sprinkled the breadcrumbs on top of each one.  I used some Panko breadcrumbs that were white, so they are hard to see in the picture.  I believe almost any kind of breadcrumbs will work for this recipe.    Bake the mushrooms in a 375 degree over for 12-15 minutes.   The combination of the  mushrooms and spinach artichoke flavors was really good together. It was easy to eat several at a time, so you will want to make plenty if you are serving a crowd.  I already have requests to make these again, and since they are so quick and simple, I definitely will.

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