Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Help

I wanted to share a tip of something I  have done for the last few years, that has really helped me stay organized during the holidays.  I have a holiday journal.  I bought this really cute book for $1 a few years ago.  I think I got it at JoAnns or Michaels in their dollar section.   It is not as big as a school  notebook, and will still fit in my purse when necessary. 

Inside my notebook, I keep a lot of important  information.  I have a Thanksgiving section, and a Christmas section this year. When I started, I only had a Christmas section.   I keep track  of my kids wish lists,  presents I actually buy,  menu ideas, christmas cookies ideas (and where to find the recipes), and this year I added a calendar for both Novemeber and December.   Having everything all in one place so  it can be found quickly, makes my crazy days,a little less crazy. The journal has enough pages, that I should be able to use the same one for a least 4 or 5 more years.  Having more than one year in the journal has also been helpful.  I like that I can easily see what presents I gave for the last few years.   Since I just pulled it out yesterday, I do not have a lot of information entered for this year, but that will quickly change!


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