Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Make a Fox Costume.. Part 3

A step by step tutorial on how we made a fox costume

In part 1, I showed how I made her fur vest.  If I  had to do it over again, I  would have made it a big bigger.  You can see how I started the costume in part 1 here. .     In part 2, I made the pants.   They turned out pretty good.  They were a big bit in the waist, especially after I added the tail.  If I were to make them a again,  I would have made the waist a bit smaller.  You can see part 2 here.

Kara wanted the belly piece to be a bit longer than her fur top. I cut a piece of white fur  in the desired  size and shape, and then hand stitched it to the front.   

To make the tail, I used pieces of both types of fur.  I stitched a tube out of the brown and cut the point out of the white. After stitching, I turned both pieces right side out. 

I hand stitched the white tip of the tail onto the brown tube.  

A  step by step tutorial on how we made a fox costume

I filled the tail with a little bit of fiberfill, and then hand stitched it to the waistband of her pants.  Because the pants were a little on the big side, the weight of the tail did pull them down a bit.. LOL! I told her she did not need to stuff her tail as much as she wanted, but she insisted. 

To make the ears,  I cut triangle shapes a little bigger than the size of the ear.  I straight stitched them on the wrong side of the fur on the sewing machine.  Once stitched, I turned them right side out.

At the dollar store I found a headband that conveniently had a link shape. (sorry for the hard to see picture)   Before hand stitching the ears onto the headband,  I attached two small triangle of white fur on the ears.  

A step by step tutorial on how we made a fox costume.

A step by step tutorial on how we made a fox costume

While I was talking care of something else, Kara surprised me and did her own make up.  She applied brown eye shadow all over her face.   I thought it turned out cute and was happy that was one less thing on my to do list.  The only problem with the eye shadow, she went to school looking like she had a bit of a tan today.  She has washed her face a couple of times,  there is still a brown glow. LOL!

When Kara first asked for a fox costume about a month ago, I had no idea how I was going to do it. Now that it is done, I am very happy with the results.  Now I am wondering, what is she going to be next year???   


  1. Very cute! Aren't you talented!!! Thanks so much for sharing on TGIF Linky Party! I can't wait to see what you link up next!
    Beth =-)

  2. Awesome! I too prefer making my own costume rather buying one off for an occasion. I think that's the most fun part other than wearing it. The first one that I made was this Dinosaur Costume, that I had since before. It's quite fun!


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