Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Deals and Clearance

Today was shopping day and we made a run to Target.  I had heard a lot of the toys on clearance were now 75% off.   Once it hits 75% off, I like to stock up on future Christmas and birthday gifts.   Our clearance section was kind of picked over, but I was still very happy with what I found 

Bakagun Dragonoid Colossus   regularly $39.99, now only $9.99.
Moxie Girlz Magic Hair  regularly $29.99, now only $7.48
Girl Gourmet Chill Treats Dessert Maker regularly $19.99, now $4.98
U-Build Connect 4 regularly $9.99, now $2.48
Party Animals Hula Hut regularly $11.99, now only $2.98
Party Animals Carnival Set regularly $11.99, now only $2.98
2 Party Animals (yellow and blue bear) regularly $2.49, now only .62
LPS Lady Bug regularly $3.99, now only .99

Also on clearance girls leggings.  Regularly $4.99, now only $1.24

Special Deal  bonus packs of ink with 2 reams of HP paper   $19.99, plus get back a $5 Target gift card.  Regular packs of ink are on sale $13.99, so this was like getting two reams of paper for only $1!

Oscar Mayer pre-cooked bacon (not pictured)  $3.59.  I used a $1 Target coupon, final price $2.59

3M Command Hooks  on price cut $2.79.  I used $1 Target coupon, final price $1.79

Cutter bug repellent $3.99 (my daugther needs this for girl scout camping)  I used a $2 coupon, final price $1.99

Up and Up Nail Polish remover .97.  I used .50 Target coupon, final price .47

Sally Hansen nail polish $2.49.  I used $1 off coupon that expired today, final price $1.49

Benadryl Itch Stick $2.20.  I used $2 off coupon, final price .29

I used the free $5 gift card when you spend $50 coupon off the Back to School mailer, and got back a 2nd $5 gift card. 

I spent $63.21, and got back $10 in gift cards.   I saved $103.43 in clearance and $7.50 in coupons, for an overall  savings of 70%

My daugther is also learning the benefits of buying on sale.  She had $35 in birthday money.   She went to the game section and found that 2 games that she wanted were buy 1 get 1 50% off.   She saved $10 by buying them this week.  She also found a Kung Zu on clearance (not pictured) for only $2.50.  She saved $12.50 on her birthday gifts.

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