Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Day Got Away..

Since this is a random post, I thought I would post a random picture to go with it.  LOL!  My cats have recently started laying on the stairs so you have to step over them to go up or down the stairs.  I thought this one was kind of funny because Reeses is laying on her back, and looks like she is about to roll down the stairs. 

Some how she mananged to stay in place and all is good. 

Do you ever have those days when you do a lot of little things, but not enough to really feel like you accomplished much?  Today was one of those days for me.  This morning I took my son to the dentist.  He spent an hour having his teeth cleaned and having X rays, while I spent an hour reading People magazine about the Bachelorette.    When we were back home,  I did work on the computer a bit, (emails, facebook, write an artice for  but before I could post on the blog,  I heard from a friend who needed some help.    A few weeks ago, one of Kara's girl scout friends asked for some extra beads so she could help bead bracelets at home.  She finished 27  for our Beading to Beat Autism fundraiser.   She was planning on setting up a lemonade and bracelet table in her neighborhood tomorrow but did not have any brochures and bags.   Kara and I went to her house for a bit to drop some off.  Then we went to the bank to deposit the money we have made from the 60 we already sold.   By this time it was already after 3, and I spent the next two hours at Home Depot, Meijer and a local garden store looking for a particular type of paver.   I have a really fun garden idea I want to share on the blog, but I am having trouble finding the paver I need to make it.    We gave up looking for the day after 5 pm.   After dinner at the IHOP tonight (with a buy 1 get 1 free coupon!), it was off to Target for shopping run.   We did not get to the store until 9 or so, and ended up closing the store.    The day is over and I am only now writing a post.    I have a few more stores I want to check tomorrow for the pavers, so hopefully I will be able to share my fun idea this weekend.

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