Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rite of Passage

Guess what we did today?!  For her birthday more than anything my daughter wanted to get her ears pierced.  She had been impatiently waiting for 4 years since her sister got hers pierced when she was 10.  I had to wait I until I was 12, and thought my mom was so mean for making me wait for so long.  She wanted to make sure I was old enough to take care of them.   I was old enough, but they got infected anyway..  LOL!  I thought I would be a little nicer and have my girls wait until they were 10. It is like an added bonus for hitting double digits.  Here she is looking at the earring choices. 

She was a bit nervous.  She has a very low threshold  of pain and we had warned her that it could hurt a bit.  We were all surprised  when she didnt even feel it.  She said.."I'm confused, did you already pierce my ear?" 

It will take me a bit to get used to pretty new look.  Happy Birthday Baby!!!

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