Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun at the Fair

I took 2 of my 3 kids to the fair this afternoon.  It was free admission day. Since it was opening day, not all the exhibits were  opened up yet, and the midway did not open until 4 pm.  We saved $9 on the entrance fee by going today.  

One of the best things at the fair is fair food.   One of the not so good things is the price of the fair food.  We did find several things that were reasonably priced.   Kara had a chocolate dipped banana. It was one big banana and only $2.50. 

Kyle had his favorite, a corn dog, also only $2.50  

I was brave, and decided to try FRIED ice cream.  It was actually really good, and only $3.50.  They put it in a cinnamon shell with lots of whip cream and chocolate.   In case you are wondering how it is done, (I know I was) I found a really good how to video on Youtube here.

Kara really loved the baby animal exhibit.  I thought this calf looked so cute as it slept. 

We got a really good deal at the dinosaur booth.  My son used to love dinosaurs, so he wanted to check out the "dinosaur jerky".  We got 4 sticks of jerky and this dinosaur gripper for $5.  (the 4th is not in the pic, because we had already ate it.)  The jerky was really good, and just a little spicy.

We watched the fair queen being crowned.  Kara is already talking about when she can go out for queen in 7 years.   My sweet son asked me if I was going to out for queen.  Um, considering  you have to be 17-24,  and never been married or had kids,  I think I am a bit too old..  LOL!!  Still nice that he thought I could though.  

One of our favorite things at the fair were the racing pigs.  The  pigs seemed to have a great time.  They also loved running into the pool during a different race.    This show was definitely a favorite with the fairgoers.

We might go back one more time this week.  If we go on kids day,  unlimited ride bands are only $12 and kids 12 and under have free admission.    It was definitey a fun day.

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